Homeowner Closing Information

A Guide for Owner/Sellers, Buyers, & Realtors

An estoppel letter/certificate is used to facilitate a closing by providing a snapshot of the fees or assessments that a seller may owe to their association. [Read More]

An Estoppel is usually ordered by the Title Company closing on the home or can be purchased by a prospective buyer in a private sale transaction. An Estoppel should be ordered online at www.ClosingDocsNow.com

Cypress Village Property Owners Association, Inc. (CVPOA) is the “master” association. Within the Association, there may be additional associations and/or neighborhoods. Some of these may also have a separate Estoppel that should be requested by the Title Agent or prospective buyer. 

Estoppel Fees:

  • Regular 10 business days request: $299.00
  • Rush 3 business days: $418.00
  • Transfer Fee: $150.00
What to Know:
Even if an Estoppel is not ordered, a transfer fee in the amount of $150.00 shall be added to the new buyers account when the property is transferred when notice is provided by the county Property Appraiser. 


  • Cypress Village POA is considered a master association. There are 17 sub associations within Cypress Village. Additional restrictions may exist within the other association. 
  • Buyers do not need Association approval.
  • Owners do not need to live in the home before leasing (see lease restrictions). 


Those sub associations with a $$$ next to it indicates an additional assessment.

  • The Hammocks of Sugarmill Woods $$$
  • Cypress Run COA $$$
  • Beechwood Point Villa Condominium HOA Inc. $$$
  • The Enclave of Sugarmill Woods $$$
  • Fairway Run Condominium Association
  • Oakleaf Homeowners Association Inc. $$$
  • Oakwood Unit 1-3 (dissolved)
  • Pinewood Condo Owners Association $$$
  • Pinewood Gardens HOA Inc.
  • Pinewood Green POA of SMW Inc. (dissolved 3/30/21)
  • Springwood Condominium $$$
  • Third Fairway I Condo Owners Association
  • Third Fairway II Condo Owners Association
  • Villas of Anton Condominium Inc. $$$

View the Neighborhood Code designations from the Property Appraiser to determine which sub association the home in Cypress Village POA is located. 

Cypress Village POA does not manage the country clubs within the Association. These are separate entities with their own memberships as they are not included in your Annual Assessments.

Sugarmill Woods Country Club and Citrus National (Formally Southern Woods Golf Clubs )  have access to 36 holes in Sugarmill Woods.  A golfing community on Florida’s West Coast, it’s located in Homosassa.  The Oak Village Sports Complex offers tennis, pickleball, a lap pool, and fitness for those who fancy other forms of physical activity. Residents of all ages and all walks of life are welcome in Sugarmill Woods. All are eligible to become members and avail themselves of these amenities.

When members seek other fun in the area, they have the option of fishing, boating, or kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico or any of the seven rivers nearby. There are many other outdoor activities along the Nature Coast as well. The one-hour drive to Tampa or two-hour drive to Orlando can satisfy the most discriminating tastes for their cultural, fine dining, sports, and entertainment desires. In Sugarmill Woods, they’ll have the best of both worlds: a community in a rural setting with close access to many parts of Florida that reflect a time reminiscent of the 20th Century that boasts low crime, low taxes, and comparatively low living expenses, as well as easy access to big-city amenities.

Please contact the Country Club directly for membership and further information.


Sugarmill Woods Country Club

Sugarmill Woods Country Club

1 Douglas Street

Homosassa, FL 34446




Citrus National Country Club

Citrus National Golf Club

1501 Corkwood Blvd, Homosassa, FL 34446





What is an assessment?

Homeowner associations can compel homeowners to pay a share of common expenses, usually per-lot or based on square footage. These expenses generally arise from common property, which varies dramatically depending on the type of association. Some associations are, quite literally, towns, complete with private roads, services, utilities, amenities, community buildings, pools, and even schools. Many condominium associations consider the roofs and exteriors of the structures as the responsibility of the association. Other associations have no common property but may charge for services or other matters.

In Cypress Village POA, we are considered the Master Association, which also has 17 sub associations within the Village. All members of the Cypress Village POA are responsible for the CVPOA Assessment. Some of the 17 sub associations may also have their owner monthly or annual assessments as well. You would need to reach out to determine if your sub association has a separate assessment.


What does the Master POA Assessment cover?

The following is a list of amenities and coverages by the Cypress Village Property Owners Association General Assessments:

  • Insurance: Property, Casualty, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Workers Compensation, Directors and Officers Liability.
  • Association management and on-site Personnel management team
  • Website management and maintenance
  • Common area maintenance, repairs, pest control
  • Property taxes
  • Common area landscape maintenance
  • Common area tree trimming, removal, replacements
  • Common area irrigation repairs and maintenance
  • Common area, Deed Restriction & Architectural enforcement mileage reimbursements
  • Annual meeting printing, postage, rentals, etc.
  • Common area electricity and water
  • Funding for reserves


The current homeowner assessment for FY24-25 is $124.00/year.

The Annual Budget is approved each year by the members of the Association. This adoption occurs during the Annual Member’s Meeting on the 4th Wednesday of March at 7:00pm. The amount that is presented to the owners for approval will be the Annual Assessment.

FY24-25 Approved Budget (pdf)
This is the approved budget for the association in their fiscal year for April 2024 – March 2025.

Leasing Eligibility?
Yes, Leasing is permitted within specific guidelines. See the Deed Restrictions below.

Is Transient Accommodations (AirBnB, VRMO, etc.) Permitted?
No, transient tenants may not be accommodated in a Home. Subleasing is also prohibited. No home may be advertised on a short-term leasing website.

What are the requirements for a Lease in Cypress Village POA?
There is a minimum six (6) month lease period or not less than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days. In addition, the home may not be leased more than two (2) times in any given twelve (12) month period.

Do Lessee’s follow the Rules & Regulations?
The Lessee, as part of the Lease Agreement, shall agree to abide by and adhere to the terms and conditions of the Deed Restrictions together with all Rules and Regulations and all policies adopted by the Association. The owner is also responsible for the Lessee as well.

All leases shall not conflict the governing documents of the association.
All Lease Agreements between the owner and lessee shall not conflict with the governing documents of the association. If this arises, the governing documents of the Association shall prevail.


Deed Restrictions on Leasing
16. LEASE RESTRICTIONS – Commencing with the effective date of this provision, all leases, rentals and occupancy of Residences by other than the Owner shall be governed by the following provisions:

16.1  No Lot Owner may lease or rent his/her Residence for a lease period of less than six (6) months. No individual rooms may be rented and subleasing is prohibited. Owners are required to notify the Association of all rental agreements. Owners are expressly prohibited from renting, leasing, and/or advertising any Residence as a short-term or vacation rental on Airbnb, VRBO, or any other such rental website or service. Owners shall not advertise or cause to be advertised the leasing of a Residence within the community that would be for a period of less than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days, nor more than two (2) occasions in any given twelve (12) months.

16.2 The Owner is responsible for any violations of the Deed Restrictions. 

16.3 The Property Owner or their designated agent shall provide copies of the Deed Restrictions to the lessee/renter/or occupant.

Sellers (or the Sellers Real Estate Agent) must provide all relevant HOA documents to potential buyers. The seller has the access to retrieve important information of the Association that may assist the buyer in their transition. The following is a list of items that the owner should be providing to the potential buyer.

  • Governing Documents (Deed restrictions, bylaws, operating rules, etc.)
  • Recent financial statements (usually the previous months)
  • Current Annual Budget
  • Deed Restriction, Common Area, Architectural Violations
  • Recent meeting minutes

Reviewing the association’s governing documents will allow the buyer to determine whether the HOA is a good match for them. If they dislike the HOA’s restrictions, they may change their mind about the sale. The same idea applies to a review of the association’s financial statements. These reports will give the buyer a glimpse into the financial condition of the HOA.


11.1 Prohibited Signs – Outdoor Signs, of any type or material, are prohibited on all residential properties within the Subdivision. Prohibited signs include, but are not limited to, commercial service providers, contractors (roofing, aluminum, remodeling, landscaping, sod, etc.), except those which are permitted.

11.2 Permitted Signs – One (1) “For Sale” or one (1) “For Rent” sign per Lot so long as they are on one/eight inch (1/8”) wire supports no higher than twenty-four inches (24”).  These signs must not exceed six by eight (6 x 8) inches.  A single “Rider” sign, no larger than two by eight (2 x 8) inches stating either “Pending” or Realtors name may be attached to the “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign. They must be placed within the boundary of the Lot and may not be placed in any County right-of-way or on another Owner’s Lot. 

11.3 One “Open House” sign so long as it does not exceed two foot by two foot (2’ x 2’) and is used with the Property Owner or a licensed sales agent in attendance and removed at the end of the scheduled “Open House”.  Signs may be placed only on Saturdays and Sundays. Open House signs must be placed within the boundary of the lot and may not be placed on any County right of way, common area or on another Owner’s lot.

Yes, please refer to Section 24 for Single Family and Multi Family Deed Restrictions.

The roads are owned/regulated by the county; all golf carts are subject to road regulations and county requirements. It is not the Association to enforce golf carts.


If you should have any questions, please contact the Management Office at (352) 382-1900.