Community Sign Completed

The main entrance sign off the Suncoast Hwy/US-19 will undergo repairs beginning the weekend of December 9th. The repairs will take a few weeks to complete. The sign will not be present during the time it is being repaired. Thank you for your patience as the Association makes the necessary repairs to maintain the Association asset. Should you have any additional questions, please contact management.

Update 5/14/24: The long-awaited entrance sign on Cypress Blvd W is now completed. This was inspected and approved by the Common Area Committee. 


Update 4/30/24: There have been some misinformation circulating in online communities. The sign was accepted by a reputable sign company in the business for over 35 years. This was a job that the owner acknowledges probably should not have been taken. There were only two (2) proposals for sign restoration while approximately eight (8) other companies would only replace the sign at a cost of over $120,000. The two (2) proposals were $8,400.00 and $24,000.00. The board accepted the $8,400.00 proposal with a reputable company in the business for over 35 years and someone who has worked on the sign previously. The sign restoration is the start of the project. There is other landscaping, irrigation, and other concerns that will be addressed following the sign restoration. 

Update 4/23/24: Management sent Falon Signs a certified letter to require that the sign be completed in 14 days before additional action, including legal, is taken. On 4/26/24, Falon Rogers acknowledged that the letter was received and apologized to the entire community and the board for putting them in a difficult position. He indicated the sign would be completed by the deadline.

Update 4/11/24: Falon Signs has continued to paint the signs as the weather permits. He has one (1) more coat to complete on the next clear day we have.

Update 4/4/24: Falon Signs was on-site today continuing to make improvements to the sign. It is ready for new paint, which required a couple of consistent days with no rain in the forecast. Once this is complete, the new stained glass pieces can be installed and sealed in tight.

Update 3/25/24: Falon Signs was on-site over the weekend continuing their final preparations to install the pieces to the sign. The parts have arrived and should be installed by the end of the month. We apologize about the delays in this project and we look forward to a fully restored sign for the community. 

Update 3/3/2024: The Association spoke with the vendor this morning. All of the necessary parts have arrived and the continuing sign repairs will be scheduled by the end of the week. This should be completed no later than the end of March. Right now, the vendor is just working on scheduling the labor to complete the work and get the sign back up and running. We anticipate that this should be done during the third week of March.

Update 2/7/2024: The sign continues to be under repairs. The interior structure was pressure washed clean. The plexiglass is being restored as it has faded over the years. The seals around the plexiglass allowed water to enter the structure which caused some of the damage that is currently being repaired. Your patience and understanding in this process is greatly appreciated. The cost associated to make the repairs outweighed the cost to replace the sign at this time. The Association should get at least another 5-10 years in the sign. 

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    1. The sign has water intrusion within it and needs to be serviced to last for years to come before it needs to be replaced.

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